Weight Loss

weight lossFor those who are on weight loss programmes remember not to substitute too many healthy options for the less healthy e.g. having a biscuit instead of a piece of fruit.

If you don’t get enough of the necessary vitamins, minerals, protein, essential fats and fibre then health could suffer.

The other point is to ensure that you don’t eat to many processed foods as you could lower your metabolic rate and that is not helpful when you want to lose weight.

If you are a cereal dieter (and I don’t mean Special K!) and keep putting the weight back on then ‘Changes for Life’ might be a good step for making long-term change


oatcakesHas anyone ever made their own oatcakes?

I keep meaning to but never get there… There are so many whole grains out there that would make a delicious carbohydrate filler.

Soya and gram flours are both high in protein and are good choices – They can both be spiced up too. I’ll need to get behind the griddle and cook up a few recipes.

Better than behind a girdle – then you know you’ve had too much!!). Meanwhile, if anyone beats me to it and comes up with a gem lets all share.

Sugar Addiction

easter eggsAt last the UK is getting wise to the fact that SUGAR is a BIG PROBLEM.

So addictive and so much of it out there! As Easter approaches try finding presents like ‘make your own bunny’ or make an Easter hat with the kids.

Do anything creative – they will love that and go mean with buying Easter milk chocolate eggs – they are getting cheaper and cheaper cos everyone needs to get addicted to milk chocolate.

It’s great for Cadbury’s shares.


breadIf you are eating bread then go for the delicious local artisan varieties from Earth’s crust or Loch Arthur.

These are delicious and a small slice goes a long way.

Stick to the heavier seeded varieties – thinly sliced for an open sandwich.

Buy a loaf slice and freeze and yo don’t need to eat it all too quickly!!

Weigh-in Day

weighTomorrow is weigh in Day for the CHANGES for LIFE group.

This is the beginning of a new journey.

It may occasionally get rocky so focus on the path ahead and I’m sure everyone will make good progress.

Make it slow and steady and it will feel so much smoother. Go at it at 100 miles per hour and you may capsize yourself!!


testimonialI wanted to share this testimonial with you about my online weight loss programme – it’s so affirming. I just love seeing that I’ve helped people through good nutrition.

I have lost 4 inches from my chest, waist and hip measurements and 18lbs so far. Changes for Life has encouraged me to consider health goals as opposed to just achieving a certain weight. Continue reading Testimonial