Not All Calories are the Same!

caloriesWhile you need to be calorie AWARE if you are trying to lose weight it is where your calories come from that count!!

ALL CALORIES ARE NOT THE SAME and losing weight should never be just about calorie counting. Continue reading Not All Calories are the Same!

Salmon Fish Cakes

salmon fish cakesMaking these over the weekend – If you are counting calories then only have along with a salad and skip additional carbohydrates – you can decide whether to have one or two – depends on what else you are planning on eating at that mealtime. Continue reading Salmon Fish Cakes

Chinese Stir Fry

stir fryFor dinner tonight or some night soon why not have a chinese style stir-fry?

The garlic, ginger and shoyu sauce gives it an oriental taste – If you like hot, chilli is another great flavour to add. Continue reading Chinese Stir Fry

Health Bars

health barThese 5 packs of food can make the most delicious health bars. Made a batch a few days ago and they are a winner!! Continue reading Health Bars

Day 5 of Raw Food Regime

raw vegetablesI’m now on 5 days of my raw food regime and have had 3 days of 100% and 2 of over 90%.

My pros and cons as a beginner are as follows: Continue reading Day 5 of Raw Food Regime