Fruit and ‘Live’ Yoghurt

fruit yoghurtFruit and ‘live’ yoghurt can make a delicious dessert – I like to flavour it with natural vanilla essence. Another rather more decadent option could be to flavour the yoghurt with cocoa and some 75% chocolate chips – you may need to add a tiny bit of agave syrup just to sweeten it a little. Continue reading Fruit and ‘Live’ Yoghurt

Dark Green Leaves

dark leavesTry adding some dark green veggies into your daily diet – they are so good for you.

Dark green leaves in your salad or kale and cabbage for your soups or vegetables with the main meal. Or use sea vegetables in soups and stews. Continue reading Dark Green Leaves

So What’s Wrong with Most Diet Plans?

diet planSo what’s wrong with the majority of diet plans?

Well – they are a plan that’s separate and different from what people normally do. Continue reading So What’s Wrong with Most Diet Plans?

Dietary Confusion!

dietary confusionI am really annoyed with the media for confusing people about what they should or shouldn’t eat!

They confuse people so much that they cant be bothered even trying to be healthy and default to their old bad habits with a reasoning that it doesn’t matter what you do. Continue reading Dietary Confusion!

Drink More Water

waterHaving my granddaughter here for a few days has just reminded me of how important it is to start great habits at a very young age.

I think perhaps one of the most important things for kids is to give them water to drink. Continue reading Drink More Water


biscuitsTry giving up biscuits for a decent length of time and see the pounds drop off.

They are full of fat.

A piece of shortbread could contain at least 1/2 oz of fat and the same of plain refined flour plus a teaspoon of white sugar. Continue reading Biscuits

Are You Taking Enough Drugs?

dietary drugsAre you taking enough drugs?

No I don’t mean either medical or recreational I’m talking about nature’s phytochemicals which are plant based foods that have an impact on our bodies – helping to promote health and prevent disease. Continue reading Are You Taking Enough Drugs?


saladStart lunch or dinner with eating either a salad or a vegetable soup.

It’ll fill you up and help prevent overeating. Also a raw salad will help with the making of our digestive enzymes and also supplying lots of vitamins and minerals.


alcoholResveratrol is one reason why a little alcohol can be a helpful addition to the diet but a lot is really detrimental to health.

As red wine contains resveratrol which is good for the heart (also contained in chocolate and berries) it can be seen as protective. It is a potent anti-oxidant plus a little glass of wine can also have benefits from it’s relaxing effect. Continue reading Alcohol

Nuts & Seeds

nutsNuts and seeds are great sources of good fats with pumpkin and walnut being good sources of omega 3.

These can be added to breads and baked goods, stir-fries, used as nut butters rather than butter itself. Continue reading Nuts & Seeds