The Emotions and Overeating

sweet foodThe Emotions and Overeating

Sweet, creamy, fatty foods like ice cream have always been associated with treating ourselves.

It may be a bit of chocolate when we fall and hurt ourselves or a large slice of birthday cake – we generally don’t associate having a large bowl of salad as a treat! Continue reading The Emotions and Overeating

How Good is Your Food?

good foodA new year and many of us have been working on becoming healthier.. My advice, if you are serious about taking care of your health is to check labels on foods.

Low fat does not always mean less calories, low calorie may mean that we are eating food additives that are not good for us. Continue reading How Good is Your Food?

Vitamin C

berriesWe are fast approaching hayfever time for many of us with lots of unpleasant symptoms.

This is the time to increase the Vitamin C in the diet which also contains quercertin. Continue reading Vitamin C


dementiaI was listening to a webinar on Dementia this evening – scary stuff! It was linking the increase in Dementia along with conditions like depression, heart disease and diabetes. Continue reading Dementia

The ‘Juice Master’

juiceOn Saturday I watched an amazing video from Jason Vale – the juice master! The film takes you on the journey of 8 people with 22 different diseases and what happens when they all live on a specially devised juice programme for 28 days.

The results were astonishing! Continue reading The ‘Juice Master’

Working on My Cookery Book

bakingWorking away on my healthy cookery book – recipes all in place but realised I need a picture for each recipe so I need to bake everything again and take pictures this time around! Continue reading Working on My Cookery Book