Nutritional Therapy

Good nutrition is hugely important to everybody, however it is not a simple “one diet suits all” situation. We vary in our metabolic type, our food preferences, hereditary influences, mobility, lifestyle, income and environment to name but a few variables. A nutritional therapist takes these factors into consideration whilst consulting with a client.

Our diet can have dramatic influences on our health and well being. Once we recognize that each person has their own individual body chemistry the needs for a tailor made diet become apparent.

Nutritional Therapy can achieve remarkable results with clients achieving health and energy levels they have not experienced for years.

“Ill for 42 years, better in three days. I cannot thank you enough”.
Mrs H Hawkins, Dumfries & Galloway

Nutritional Therapy would be ideal in the following situations:-

  1. When recuperating from an illness or a hospital visit
  2. Problems associated with excess weight
  3. Being tired all the time with no apparent medical reason
  4. Hyperactivity and children with mood disorders.
  5. Infertility and pregnancy
  6. Disorders affecting the digestive system
  7. High cholesterol and heart disease
  8. Food allergies and intolerances

and many more…

However whilst you may think that you have a good diet there is no-one who would not reap the benefit of an improved diet. We can all fall into bad eating habits, get overly attached to foods which act like drugs e.g. sugar, caffeine, chocolate etc.

Many of us are also suffering from food intolerances which are undermining our health – A nutritional consultation can help one discover any food or foods which have become problematic.

4 thoughts on “Nutritional Therapy”

  1. i was wondering if you had a book or info on low sat food ect i stopped eating dary limit my carbs what i do have is brown wholegrain ect limit sweets have natural snacks sumtimes a biscute and crisps 97 cals or less
    i didnt do it to loose wieght althout i was 18 stone 7 i done it as i had terriable gallbladder pain and was in hospital on morphine doc said i was high risk death if i went thru op due to my bmi neadless to say i never got it removed but changed diet imediatly and lost 3 stone in 6 weeks now sit at 15 stone 5 still over wieght for 5 ft 8 but as i say it was to cut out fat if you have any thing else that i can do eat make read i would b extreamly happy i still suffer with gallblader and can tell when its inflamed as i feel the quarter inch stone
    debz xx

    1. Hi Debz,
      Only just spotted this message so sorry about that! It would be really good to have a consultation where I can give you masses of ideas about weight loss and gall bladder health. Got a few good ideas there. problem with a low or no fat diet is that the bile gets stale and that can create problems too. Facebook Private Messaging is probably the best way to ensure I get the messages quickly. Great that you have lost some weight though. Well done X

  2. Hi Debz I’m really confused on what right foods I should be eating and my exercising has suffered in the process. Do you have any meal planners that I could follow please.

  3. Hi iv a 7year old daughter who has toilet issues and wandering if you can help to see if she has an intolerance to some food that is causing it please

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