Why Low and No fat Diets are Dangerous to Health

avocado_tasteful_and_healthy_206917Fat has gained a name for being a “baddie” in our diets. This is basically because it contains 9 calories per gram compared to carbs and protein at roughly 4 per gram. Omitting fat in favour of eating extra carbohydrate is a really bad idea though. Funnily enough, within our body, these excess carbohydrates eaten also turn into fat!

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cows milkWhether to drink cow’s milk or not is a topic hugely debated. From my personal experience there are lots of people who have health problems that result from drinking milk or eating products with milk proteins in them.


Why I Think Most Weight Loss Plans Don’t Work!


weigh loss
Wise weight loss

Having observed many people coming to me who are on weight loss plans I often worry about the quantity of nutrients that they are actually consuming.

If they still eat a fair amount of empty carbs in the form of any biscuit/sweeties, white bread, rice, pasta or potato then they are most likely going short on essential fats and essential proteins.

junk food





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Health Benefits of Cucumbers


cucumber slices

My garden is awash with cucumbers but as they are great for juicing I am sure they will be all eaten up. The humble cucumber has many great health benefits some of which are listed below. If you can source organic then that’s a great bonus  Continue reading Health Benefits of Cucumbers

Great Foods for Exercise & Travel

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Great foods for Home and Travelling



If you are out on a hike, camping or just out for a day’s walking or hill climbing you may find some of these foods really helpful to take along with you

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Courgette Souffle

courgette souffleFor many of you there will be courgettes taking off in the garden! if you have a few plants you’ll be needing plenty of ideas of what to do with them. I’ll post a few over these next weeks but here is one for starters. Continue reading Courgette Souffle


seedsGreat Nutrition from the Simple Seed
Hemp, Flax & Chia Seeds

Seeds are a great high protein option to add to the diet with generally less fat than nuts. The fats they do contain however include the very heart healthy alpha linoleic acid precursors to omega 3. Continue reading Seeds

Healthy Eating

healthy eatingI am marking the Healthy Eating module for Dumfries & Galloway College. The students send me their work and on the previous course (now updated) some make reference to The Eatwell Plate.

However I have a real issue with a small but significant item on the nhs’s Eatwell Plate! Continue reading Healthy Eating

We Love Junk Food!

junk foodWhy we love junk food

We are genetically programmed to love sugar and fat, so it’s no wonder we are all wolfing into huge ice creams and piling on the pounds.

Lots of folks are scoffing ice cream cos they are hot – when a glass of hot water would better cool you down.

The reason for this programming is basic survival – simple as that. Continue reading We Love Junk Food!

Being Calorie Aware

stuffed peppersWhile you need to be calorie AWARE if you are trying to lose weight it is where your calories come from that count!! ALL CALORIES ARE NOT THE SAME and losing weight should never be just about calorie counting. Continue reading Being Calorie Aware