Weigh-in Day

weighTomorrow is weigh in Day for the CHANGES for LIFE group.

This is the beginning of a new journey.

It may occasionally get rocky so focus on the path ahead and I’m sure everyone will make good progress.

Make it slow and steady and it will feel so much smoother. Go at it at 100 miles per hour and you may capsize yourself!!


testimonialI wanted to share this testimonial with you about my online weight loss programme – it’s so affirming. I just love seeing that I’ve helped people through good nutrition.

I have lost 4 inches from my chest, waist and hip measurements and 18lbs so far. Changes for Life has encouraged me to consider health goals as opposed to just achieving a certain weight. Continue reading Testimonial

Low Calories

low caloriesFor anyone buying low-calorie ready meals from their local supermarket they would do better to get some great lean meat or fish from the local butcher or fishmonger (or use beans, lentils, nuts or tofu if vegetarian) and eat along with some carrot and turnip mash and some greens – delicious, low in calories and absolutely packed with nutrition

Irresponsible Food Industry

food industryWe keep being bombarded by the fact we have an obesity crises in the UK!

Well, thanks to an irresponsible food industry we have loads of health problems – increase in cancers, heart disease, huge incidence of Type 2 Diabetes stats.

Thanks for that FOOD INDUSTRY!!!! Continue reading Irresponsible Food Industry


exerciseThere are so many types of exercise there must be one that would suit you!!

Try gym or pilates, yoga, netball, jogging, walking, county dancing, aerobics, weights, hill climbing, zumba, bowling, tea dancing, hip hop, skipping, wi-fit, rowing, treadmill, cycling, swimming, aquarobics, circuit training, etc.etc.

Weight Loss Course

weight lossFriday night is planned as the launch of the new online weight loss course.

This is no fad diet – this is all about good nutrition from years of studies by a fully qualified Dietitian and Nutritionist – ME!! Continue reading Weight Loss Course

Veggie Dishes

veggie dishesTo keep calories lovely and low and health optimised why not try some purely veggie dishes – like a vegetable curry (without all the ghee!), or a light stir fry – try adding ginger and sliced water chestnuts for spice and crunch, a vegetable bake with plum tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, cauliflower and spinach – top with a low fat garlic and onion sauce + grate Parmesan all over and bake till browned.

Weight Loss Course

weight loss courseMy weight loss course will be launched on Friday evening and will contain
– masses of nutritional information
– sample weight loss food diaries
– information on where to shop on a budget
– food and mood – why we eat what we eat
– sample menus
– recipes
– information on alcohol
– the importance of low glycaemic foods
– loads of tips to successful weight loss
– foods that speed up metabolism
– nutrients to help with weight loss
– shopping list
– weight loss when eating out
– making changes and
– exercise and its importance
a free copy of the weight loss e book
103 Diet Tips for Life

More Raw Food!

raw foodNow the new year is here it’s a good time to make plans to improve our health through diet, exercise and mindfulness or other relaxing pursuits. make a list of what you would like to achieve and start slowly making changes one by one. Continue reading More Raw Food!