Sourcing Good Meat

good foodIf you eat meat then try to find a really good source. If you live locally we can buy great meat products from Kilnford, Loch Arthur or our local butcher. Continue reading Sourcing Good Meat

Raw Food Day

fruitGive up a day next week solely for a raw food day.

Though It’s truly just vegan you could allow yourself a little milk – though an optional one such as oatly or a nut milk would be better. You could also allow a little bit of natural live plain yoghurt – preferably goats or soy. Continue reading Raw Food Day

Unhealthy Food

junk foodThe food industry is wrecking the health of us in Scotland. That’s the majority of the food industry producing snack savoury food, soft drinks, ready meals, children’s food, boxed cereals, biscuits, cake, etc, etc. Cheap unhealthy food products are probably responsible for 80% of what’s available in the supermarket. Continue reading Unhealthy Food

Eating Pulses

pulsesA pulse, sometimes called a “grain legume”, is an annual leguminous crop yielding from one to twelve seeds of variable size, shape, and color within a pod. Pulses are used for food for humans and other animals. Continue reading Eating Pulses

Batch Cooking

batch cookingMake the best use of your precious cooking time bulk cooking

Make huge pots of soup with vegetables and beans – This is as good as having a main course meal. To stop beans from creating flatulence you can add a piece of seaweed e.g. wakame, arame, kelp, etc. It adds extra vitamins and minerals. Continue reading Batch Cooking


tahiniThis is the ideal weather for sprouting.Sprouts are wonderful in salads or added to stir fries at the end of cooking. They are great as they are ‘living’ foods giving us enzymes, helping our good bacteria and adding extra (cheap) protein into the diet as the carbohydrate in the pulse or seed changes to protein. Continue reading Sprouts


migraineMigraines are one of the many health issues I am regularly treating and I have made the following observations- Continue reading Migraines

Dark Green Leaves

dark leavesTry adding some dark green veggies into your daily diet – they are so good for you.

Dark green leaves in your salad or kale and cabbage for your soups or vegetables with the main meal. Or use sea vegetables in soups and stews. Continue reading Dark Green Leaves

So What’s Wrong with Most Diet Plans?

diet planSo what’s wrong with the majority of diet plans?

Well – they are a plan that’s separate and different from what people normally do. Continue reading So What’s Wrong with Most Diet Plans?

Dietary Confusion!

dietary confusionI am really annoyed with the media for confusing people about what they should or shouldn’t eat!

They confuse people so much that they cant be bothered even trying to be healthy and default to their old bad habits with a reasoning that it doesn’t matter what you do. Continue reading Dietary Confusion!