Fat is a Healthier Option than Many Carbohydrates

coconut oilSo often I hear about people being ‘fat phobic’ just because fat contains more than twice the calories of carbohydrates. So many people cut back on this so important food group solely based on the fact of it’s calorie content rather than the fact that it can be really good for us and it’s essential to make a healthy body.


Fat has been around for a long, long time. It’s a ‘natural’ source of calories. There have always been land animals and fatty fish to eat. There have always been nuts and seeds and the pressed oils from these. There has always been milk available from these animals.

Salmon, oily fishThe main difference to these products nowadays has basically come from greed and the fact that food companies want to maximise profits. Here is some information that may help illuminate the differences.

1. Meat originally was grass reared not grain fed as most of it is nowadays. When grass reared animals were not ‘fat’ with the wrong type of fat. So either splash out on grass fed beef or go far lamb which is naturally grass fed or venison farmed on grass.

2. The milk from these animals did not contain antibiotics and a variety of other additives. Again we are better off drinking milk and eating dairy produce from small animals e.g. goats rather than an animal with no close resemblance to humans. Cow’s dairy proteins are linked to a host of allergic responses in many people.

3. Fatty fish is packed with an amazing omega 3 profile which is anti-inflammatory and so good for us, our brains, our hormones, etc

4. Nuts and seeds contain great fatty acids and lots of Vitamin E essential for a speedier metabolic rate. They area also packed with loads of other important vitamins and minerals.mixed nuts



5. It’s fat that gives us feelings of satiety (fullness) and a meal with some fat in it can keep us full for 6 hours. If we only eat carbohydrate in our meal we would feel really hungry again very quickly. Possibly within a couple of hours.

So ditch the bagel and biscuits. Find some seeded oily rye bread. Snack on nuts and fruit.

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