How is Your Metabolic Rate?

Nutrients & Metabolic Rate

For all the folks out there who want to lose weight Vitamin E is the main vitamin responsible for increasing metabolic rate and iodine, a mineral is essential for the thyroid gland to function well affects metabolic rate.

So what foods are high in Vitamin E?

  1. Tofu
  2. Green leafy vegetables e.g. spinach, chard, broccoli
  3. Squash e.g. butternut squash and pumpkin
  4. Avocado








5.  Vegetable oils e.g. wheatgerm, olive, sunflower

6.  Sunflower seeds and other seeds

7.  Nuts, particularly almonds and hazelnuts








8.  Some fish e.g. shrimps, trout, crayfish

Sources of iodine are;

  1. Sea vegetables e.g. kelp, arame, wakame, etc . These are getting a resurgence of interest in the UK and harvesting, amongst other places, is going on in Elie, Fife. It used to be an important part of our diet in the UK but lost popularity many years ago.sea vegetables
  2. Himalayan crystal salt – also Maldon salt and sea salt in general.

Though sea vegetables are by far the highest source some other foods do add  a little e.g. cod, milk, potato with skin on, navy beans, canned tuna, egg, etc.



If you are on thyroid medication (many are) you may need to be more careful if you were to add  seaweed or kelp into your diet as it may have an effect upon your thyroid medicition.

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