Surely The Eatwell Plate Should be 100% Healthy

In my opinion the British eatwell plate should not contain foods high in fat and/or sugar. By any standard these may not be healthy and no-one should be mislead into thinking that they are ok!

eat bad plate

Yes, we all know that people will eat ice cream, chocolate and possibly biscuits but to suggest that they should be part of a healthy plate seems absurd.

Personally, I prefer the American option from the Harvard School of Public Health which changes the foods high in sugar and fat to a section for oils.


We need oils in our diet – they are essential and the better the quality the better for our health. Buy your oils in dark glass bottles and avoid cheap supermarket oils in plastic bottles. These oils are not good for our health when fried. Only fry with olive or rapeseed oil, preferable with some saturated fat added e.g. a little butter or coconut oil – that allows us to take the temperature a little higher without damaging the fat’s properties.

So, though you may eat foods high in sugar and fat don’t fool yourself into thinking that’s healthy. These are occasional treats and nothing else.

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