Nuts & Seeds

nutsNuts and seeds are great sources of good fats with pumpkin and walnut being good sources of omega 3.

These can be added to breads and baked goods, stir-fries, used as nut butters rather than butter itself. Continue reading Nuts & Seeds

The Emotions and Overeating

sweet foodThe Emotions and Overeating

Sweet, creamy, fatty foods like ice cream have always been associated with treating ourselves.

It may be a bit of chocolate when we fall and hurt ourselves or a large slice of birthday cake – we generally don’t associate having a large bowl of salad as a treat! Continue reading The Emotions and Overeating

Not All Calories are the Same!

caloriesWhile you need to be calorie AWARE if you are trying to lose weight it is where your calories come from that count!!

ALL CALORIES ARE NOT THE SAME and losing weight should never be just about calorie counting. Continue reading Not All Calories are the Same!

A Letter of Thanks

thanksWednesday again and its’ weigh in day for the ‘Changes for Life’ group who are emphasising on a healthy diet for weight loss rather than calorie counting or peculiar non sustainable eating plans!! Continue reading A Letter of Thanks