Raw Food Day

fruitGive up a day next week solely for a raw food day.

Though It’s truly just vegan you could allow yourself a little milk – though an optional one such as oatly or a nut milk would be better. You could also allow a little bit of natural live plain yoghurt – preferably goats or soy. Continue reading Raw Food Day

Fruit and ‘Live’ Yoghurt

fruit yoghurtFruit and ‘live’ yoghurt can make a delicious dessert – I like to flavour it with natural vanilla essence. Another rather more decadent option could be to flavour the yoghurt with cocoa and some 75% chocolate chips – you may need to add a tiny bit of agave syrup just to sweeten it a little. Continue reading Fruit and ‘Live’ Yoghurt

Vitamin C

berriesWe are fast approaching hayfever time for many of us with lots of unpleasant symptoms.

This is the time to increase the Vitamin C in the diet which also contains quercertin. Continue reading Vitamin C

Health Bars

health barThese 5 packs of food can make the most delicious health bars. Made a batch a few days ago and they are a winner!! Continue reading Health Bars

Day 5 of Raw Food Regime

raw vegetablesI’m now on 5 days of my raw food regime and have had 3 days of 100% and 2 of over 90%.

My pros and cons as a beginner are as follows: Continue reading Day 5 of Raw Food Regime

Raw Food Course

raw foodJust back from a brilliant raw food course in Devon. Though I don’t plan to be 100% raw I certainly want it to be a bigger percentage of my daily diet.

Raw food is really nutritious and many people eating raw food feel so much more energised as all the vitamins, minerals, essential fats and plant enzymes are intact. For many it is a great way of losing extra weight.

It’s best to increase the amount of raw food you eat gradually so your digestive system can cope.

All-Bran Cake!

fruit cakeThis cake recipe is easy to make and packed with fibre.

As it is full of dried fruit you can go fairly light on added sugar or you could omit sugar altogether adding honey or agave nectar. Continue reading All-Bran Cake!