Stir Fry

stir fryFor one of the easiest, quickest, freshest meals in minutes knock yourself up a quick stir fry!

You can add as many or as few veggies as you like or have – make it meaty, fishy or veggie.

Adding beans and nuts makes a great veggie meal. Made mine spicy tonight by adding some harissa paste.

You can’t go wrong and you’ll never get bored as two stir fries never taste the same in this house.

Veggie Dishes

veggie dishesTo keep calories lovely and low and health optimised why not try some purely veggie dishes – like a vegetable curry (without all the ghee!), or a light stir fry – try adding ginger and sliced water chestnuts for spice and crunch, a vegetable bake with plum tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, cauliflower and spinach – top with a low fat garlic and onion sauce + grate Parmesan all over and bake till browned.