dietary drugs

Are You Taking Enough Drugs?

dietary drugsAre you taking enough drugs?

No I don’t mean either medical or recreational I’m talking about nature’s phytochemicals which are plant based foods that have an impact on our bodies – helping to promote health and prevent disease.

There are many of these biologically active compounds, some with names you may have heard e.g. carotenoids, lycopene and lutein.

Others names you may not e.g. sulphoraphane, coumarins, genistein.

I studied this group of foodstuffs as a post graduate – fascinating!!

Some are reputedly great to alleviate gout and arthritis. Others such as the allium family (includes garlic) prevent blood clotting.

There’s genisten a phytoestrogen and lentinan with powerful anti-cancer properties.

Nature’s pharmacopoeia and all found in our fruits and veggies!!

No wonder we need a MINIMUM of ‘5 a day’ to stay healthy.

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