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The Emotions and Overeating

sweet foodThe Emotions and Overeating

Sweet, creamy, fatty foods like ice cream have always been associated with treating ourselves.

It may be a bit of chocolate when we fall and hurt ourselves or a large slice of birthday cake – we generally don’t associate having a large bowl of salad as a treat!
Comfort eating is a huge problem when trying to lose weight – we may have been sublimating emotions into eating food for some considerable time. It’s time to change that – Keeping a food diary with what, WHY and when we eat can be really helpful in pin-pointing our habits.

Do we eat just because we are hungry – no often not.

This coupled with the ‘drug’ foods mean that certain foods eaten exert a huge control over our daily habits. To try and break the bond with emotional eating we need to do the following:-

1. Learn to identify your own triggers to what and why you eat specific foods that you may rationally know you would be better off without.

2. Some common emotional eating cues are –
• Anger
• Hopelessness
• Lack of Control
• Feeling Unappreciated
• Boredom

Brainstorm some ideas to find alternatives to some of the foods you eat and what other ways to deal with emotions.

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