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Weight Loss Course

weight lossFriday night is planned as the launch of the new online weight loss course.

This is no fad diet – this is all about good nutrition from years of studies by a fully qualified Dietitian and Nutritionist – ME!!

In this course (approximately 100 packed A4 pages of knowledge) you will learn all about how to lose weight and keep it off.
you will also get a copy of the ebook 103 diet tips

PLUS SIX MONTHS ongoing support from the private web page ‘Changes for Life’. Here you will be supported through out the process by myself and by each other. You will also have your weight loss charted week by week till you have reached your personal goal.

However, due to a couple of technical blips I am having to outsource some teccy help from my computer expert Peter Bestel. As a result the new launch date is definitely set for this Wednesday.

Meanwhile as an apology I would like to wet your appetite with a few diet tips to get you in the mood!!

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

1. Buy a diet diary and fill it in every day. It has been proven that if you keep a diet diary you are more likely to be successful with your weight loss plan. Whether this is simply because someone else could read it, no one can be sure! As well as writing down what you are actually eating, it would be good to add other information such as whether or not you were really hungry and if it was a really satisfying meal or snack. Maybe the excess eating is due to an emotional response e.g. boredom, anger, etc. Then you can compile a list of your favorite low calorie meals.

2. Cut out the carbohydrates in your evening meal. It is often the case, especially through the winter months when the evenings are dark and cold, that after our evening meal you may be doing nothing more strenuous than washing the dishes and watching television. Unless you are going to the gym for a strenuous workout then you won’t need a carbohydrate-heavy dinner. A lean piece of meat or fish with lots of steamed veggies can be perfectly filling. It may be the case that you are eating your evening meal very late, and that is precisely the wrong time to be eating foods that fuel your energy. If you have to eat very late then keep it light – a bowl of soup for example – but have a snack such as oatcakes, humous and cherry tomatoes at around 4-5 pm.

3. Always eat breakfast. Research has shown that if you do not eat breakfast you are more likely to be overweight. This can be for a number of reasons, one being that if your body senses it is being starved it will react by slowing your metabolism right down, causing you to gain weight more easily. Often it is just the simple fact that, without ‘breaking the fast’ in the hour after you wake up in the morning, you become very hungry mid-morning and end up grabbing the first thing you can lay your hands on – which could well be something along the lines of a giant-sized kit-kat or any other sweet food that will give you the fast sugar hit your body craves.

4. Eat protein at breakfast time. A protein breakfast (such as a tomato and vegetable omelette) will keep you feeling fuller for longer. The difficulty for most of us is that we think we do not have time for a cooked breakfast. In truth it takes very little time to make an omelette and throw a few baby tomatoes into it, or just eat them alongside. You could even beat up the eggs the night before, saving another couple of minutes. Adding fresh herbs such as basil will make it even tastier.

5. If you are desperate for a piece of chocolate (and us girls know how strong those chocolate cravings can get), keep some strong 75% chocolate in your larder and try to eat only one square very, very slowly. This may be enough to curb the cravings and give you the little ‘hit’ you crave. If, however, you know you would be unable to restrain yourself and would simply demolish the whole bar, then you will need to adopt another strategy. Green and Black’s produce very small pre-wrapped squares, or you could wrap some for yourself from another brand such as Lindt. Some of us have a psychological need to eat something sweet in order to feel that our meal is complete, especially if we have a sweet tooth and been eating sweets, biscuits and puddings for many years.

6. Keep an emergency fruit supply to hand wherever you are likely to be – in the car, the office and so on. This will stop you from feeling the need to nip into corner shops where you might end up buying crisps or sweets. Many small shops and service stations only have crisps and sweets available, making it hard to find something that will sustain you for any length of time. Fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals and is perfect for keeping you going between meals when you are trying to lose weight.

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