Why I Think Most Weight Loss Plans Don’t Work!


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Having observed many people coming to me who are on weight loss plans I often worry about the quantity of nutrients that they are actually consuming.

If they still eat a fair amount of empty carbs in the form of any biscuit/sweeties, white bread, rice, pasta or potato then they are most likely going short on essential fats and essential proteins.

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We need a certain amount of protein every day – it is the only dietary source of nitrogen and allows the body to replenish itself. It is important for immune health – forming antibodies, enzyme production, hormone production and the formation of muscles.

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Our hair, nails and skin will not look healthy if we become low in protein. This protein can come from animal sources such as meats, game and fish but also from vegetable sources e.g. nuts, pulses and beans.

Also, there is protein from dairy food e.g. ‘live’ natural yoghurt and cottage cheese – use some sheep or hummus and wholemeal wrapgoat’s dairy when you can.

Also there are many ‘raw’ cheeses to be found. Seeds are another great form of protein and essential fats – you can also find recipes for seed ‘cheese’. A balance of all these can make for a very nutritious diet.


We need our essential fats – they are called essential as our bodies cannot make them. Our brain is 70% fat. Therefore if we go low fat chances we may become depressed and also what happens to the fact we have 4 very important fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E & K) that need transported in fat. These, incidentally are also very important for our immune system and bone health

So – start to think about what is healthy and not much else! Try removing the ‘foods that act like drugs’ from your diet (ice cream, confectionary, biscuits, crisps) and think about what the body really needs. It will then function much better. One pay off may be that metabolic rate increases rather than decreases meaning it will be less easy to gain weight again.

I hear old weight loss quotes such as the one regarding grapes – ‘they are little bags of sugar’ No they are not – I reserve that title to boilings, sweeties full of glucose and sucrose.

coloured grapes

Yes of course grapes contain sugar and it’s wise not to eat too many if you want to lose weight but they do also have good nutritional properties (unlike boiled sweets which are nutrient robbers). They are brilliant for freezing and can be eaten really slowly. They can be added onto a fruit kebab along with apple and strawberry and dipped into natural ‘live’ yoghurt or a fruit coulis.

I see people scour labels to find the low calorie version of anything or be prepared to eat something just because it is low in calories rather than because it is full of health promoting benefits. Time would be better spent finding out which foods to eat to speed up weight loss!

Vegetables  – with the exception of root ones (and I do not count potatoes as vegetables!) are all low in calories so start eating these to fill you up. They also pay off by containing masses of anti-oxidant nutrients that will keep you healthy.

stir fry
fresh vegetables

It is now suggested that we have ‘7 portions per day’ as a minimum for health. I like to hit double figures when I can.  Juicing is brilliant for adding extra.

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