Veggie Snack!

veggie snackFor a little veggie snack try cooking up some butter beans (or any other type of bean!) You can cook them from scratch or try just opening a tin!

I topped mine with sauteed leeks and garlic to which I added some fresh herbs, plenty of seasoning and then made a little sauce with goats cheese and thickened it with cornflour.

Must say it tasted delicious (not sure it look that great though!!)

‘Diet’ Food

caloriesI decided to pause at the frozen food ready meal section of the supermarket just to update myself with what is being offered as low calorie ‘diet’ meals.

These varied from 190 calories per serving to around 285 but I thought the portions were tiny if that was to be the whole meal and not padding it out with something else. I would love to know if anyone out there has ever eaten one of these and been fully satisfied? Continue reading ‘Diet’ Food


insomniaFor anyone suffering insomnia here are a couple of tips;

1. Don’t have any form of caffeine after 4pm and remember even green tea and dark chocolate contain caffeine so try to have these earlier in the day. Fizzy drinks also often contain caffeine

2. Complex carbohydrates and protein at dinner can aid sleep by producing the amino acid tryptophan, the precursor to serotonin which helps us to sleep and also is helpful for alleviating depression. e.g. Brown rice and chicken stir-fry or salmon steak with salad and ‘artisan’ 5 seed bread.