Fat is a Healthier Option than Many Carbohydrates

coconut oilSo often I hear about people being ‘fat phobic’ just because fat contains more than twice the calories of carbohydrates. So many people cut back on this so important food group solely based on the fact of it’s calorie content rather than the fact that it can be really good for us and it’s essential to make a healthy body.

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Surely The Eatwell Plate Should be 100% Healthy

In my opinion the British eatwell plate should not contain foods high in fat and/or sugar. By any standard these may not be healthy and no-one should be mislead into thinking that they are ok!

eat bad plate

Yes, we all know that people will eat ice cream, chocolate and possibly biscuits but to suggest that they should be part of a healthy plate seems absurd.

Personally, I prefer the American option from the Harvard School of Public Health which changes the foods high in sugar and fat to a section for oils.

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Could Your Diet be Affecting Your Mood and Mental Health?


A while ago I heard more talk on the media about dietary change being the first approach to tackling mental health problems. What we eat (and drink) affects us both on a mental and physical level. We need a good diet to feed our brain and the rest of our body.

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Skinny Cooks Options!

It’s not so much particular meals that are at fault for being high in fats or calories – it’s more about the quantity or the way something is cooked. If you want to have fish and chips why not make your own? I had some delicious salmon out one day which had a pumpkin seed and breadcrumb topping. It was well seasoned and delicious. Serve that with two vegetables and a few matchstick style chips.

Another option could be to buy a really fat piece of white fish from the local fishmonger and chop the fish into large fish finger sized portions. You can then crumb it with your own home made crumbs – you don’t need many just enough to sprinkle on top. You can also add parmesan cheese for additional flavour. Serve this with a few sweet potato wedges, spiced up (if you like spicy!). Chop the potato into wedges and brush on flavoured oil – it can be spicy or herby/garlicky or you can use toasted sesame oil if you like that flavour. They cook really quickly in a hot oven (approx 12-15mins). Serve that alongside a big salad to fill you up.

Another easy lunchtime option is to make a pitta pizza or if you prefer you could make it with a wholemeal chappati. The recipe is below;

Pitta Pizza


Wholemeal pitta bread

Tomato puree or pasatta

Whole baby tomatoes

Fresh basil

Parmesan shavings – 30g

Also chopped onion, peppers, olives, sliced mushrooms (add all or some of), chopped meat e.g. ham, fish e.g. anchovies, tuna.


Spread tomato onto pitta. Mix together chopped baby tomatoes, fresh basil and seasonings- put on top if pitta. Add other vegetables of choice and parmesan shavings and pop into a warm oven for 5 mins or until hot.

All easy to do and Delicious….!