A Letter of Thanks

thanksWednesday again and its’ weigh in day for the ‘Changes for Life’ group who are emphasising on a healthy diet for weight loss rather than calorie counting or peculiar non sustainable eating plans!!

Most diets are fad diets or fashionable at the time. Eat a pure, clean diet and give yourself sustainable long term results which are about weight loss rather than health.

Since this quote quite a number of weeks ago Linda has lost even more weight and I presume inches!

One of my weight loss groups talks about her weight loss as packs of butter and she is melting fast….

Since September I have lost 4 inches each from my chest, waist and hips measurements and 18lbs so far. The programme has encouraged me to consider health goals as opposed to just achieving a certain weight. It has taught me to prepare ahead to avoid impulsive choices.

The programme has even included ideas to help me still be able to enjoy the occasional alcoholic drink! It really is a programme that becomes a way of life. Being part of the online group has been invaluable in keeping focus and lifting the spirits especially in the early days when I was learning how to make changes.

Thank you Lorna.”

Linda Biggar

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