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A Question of Protein

meat pieJust come in the door to be informed from the ‘other half’ that eating animal protein is as bad as smoking 20 cigs per day!

Hooray for vegetarianism I say!!

However this is no doubt just another piece of mismanaged, misinformed, scare mongered information!! I’m off to read said articles/and will be back with my ‘informed’ view asap.

OK – Paperwork read and the message is as confusing as ever. I will however make the following points

1. Eat plenty of vegetable protein in the form of beans, pulses, non – processed tofu. Eat bean bakes/ burgers, stir fries, hummus, falafel, vegetable curries home made is much better than you could ever buy. Avoid a lot of wheat and cheese so go lighter on macaroni cheese, toasties with cheese, etc. The sat fat is not helpful in large quantity.

2. Try not to eat red meat that has been intensively farmed as the animals will be grain fed rather than grass reared. Intensive farming has totally changes the fat profile on the meat and it has lost the omega 3 fats that were present from eating grass. Also lean cuts of lamb tend to be ‘younger’ than beef and therefore contain less toxins (they also eat grass!).

3. Eat organic free range eggs – these can be a wonderful reasonably cheap form of protein and is a great meal for a vegetarian if they are not vegan.

4. You need protein every day just to survive so ensure you are not put off by these scaremonger statements and get informed. With these facts there are no statistics alongside, no clear guidelines to follow.

5. Avoid processed meats such as cheap hams, ‘meats’ in cheap pastry products e.g. sausage rolls, cheap burgers, pies, etc. Also salted pastrami types and cheap hams can contain a lot of nitrites which have been linked with cancers.

6. Many people who are eating a lot of meat may be eating it with chips e.g. fish, chicken, steak all served with chips and hardly a vegetable in sight! Lean organic animal protein with loads of vegetables is a very healthy option.

7. To Summarise – have plenty of meals based around vegetable protein served with complex carbohydrate and loads of vegetables with lean meat or fish served a few times a week.

Stop eating loads of cheap chicken, questionable sausages, fatty vegetarian sausages, preserved, processed meats and highly farmed fish.

Also you could try sourcing non-farmed wild game e.g. pheasant, rabbit, venison, guinea fowl, etc as it contains a lot of omega 3.

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