About Lorna

Lorna first qualified as a Dietician in 1979. She has studied the effects of diet and health over many years and has qualifications from the following institutions:-

Dietetics – Queen Margaret College University

Nutrition – College of Nutritional Medicine

Allergy and Environmental Therapy – The British Institute for Allergy & Environmental Therapy

Phytotherapy – The Bioforce Phytotherapy Course

Nutrition (including Naturopathic Techniques) – The Nutritional Healing Foundation

Lorna is a member of The Health Professions Council, the regulatory body for 13 health professions and The British Complementary Medicine Association.

Her aim is to improve the health of as many people as possible through workshops, giving lectures and also through seeing clients on a one/one basis. She currently lectures in schools, works for the local college and is the nutritionist for www.thecamp.co.uk the ‘drop a dress size in a week’ weight loss camp. She sees numerous clients – from babies to the very elderly, covering a variety of health issues. Everyone has different health needs and she is sensitive to giving clients a programe that they will be able to follow with ease. Clients are supported every step of the way and she is happy to answer any questions at no extra charge.

She engages in Continual Professional Development (CPD) attending lectures and workshops all over the UK. This keeps her up do date with all the latest research information in the field of Nutritional Medicine. Her love of her subject leads her to conduct her own research and reading during her recreational time!

2 thoughts on “About Lorna”

  1. Lorna, are you able to give me a consultation at the moment? I have suffered from IBS for years but recently I was recommended a Fodmap diet. I embarked on it a week ago and have seen tremendous improvement in my health. I note that they say that if you are using the Fodmat diet you should only do so under the direction of a Dietitian hence this email.

  2. Hi Lorna

    My son has been unwell for a few months now and he has been to the gp and is waiting for an ultrasound. This has been put on hold because of covid. In the meantime he continues to be sick and suffers a constant stomach ache. Im looking for someone who could possibly do a food intolerance test for him and wondered
    If this is something you offer?

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