Caroline’s Journey

It was actually my husband who made the appointment as he was frustrated at the lack of improvement in my health – I was tired all the time and this had been going on for ages with no improvement. I must admit I was really skeptical when I went to visit Lorna – I just couldn’t imagine what she could do to help the situation.

We covered a lot of ground in that initial consultation and I started on a new dietary plan which omitted some foods I had been previously eating. I didn’t find the diet too hard and started to reap the benefits very quickly. I was also put on a supplement regime to add in nutrients I had become seriously deficient in.

Within a reasonably short space of time I started to feel like the ‘old me’ and I have never looked back. My friends and family all comment on how good I look and I feel and many of them have now also visited Lorna!

Jean’s Story

When Jean came to see me she was extremely worried about her health. She had been diagnosed as diabetic in 1997 and would often have hypoglycaemic episodes. She was overweight and very low in energy. She was also concerned because lately her stools had been floating and very fatty. On discussion with her doctor, followed by some testing, it was discovered her liver function was poor. Jean was taking a number of medicines. A close friend who had been successfully treated by me recommended Jean had a nutritional appointment.

Tests showed Jean to be lactose intolerant and this had been creating stomach problems for which she was also medicated. I explained how her diet of high glycaemic carbohydrates was making her blood sugar levels too high. This was also creating a lot of infections and she had also been taking steroids.

Jean made many changes to her diet coming off milk and eating only low glycaemic carbohydrates in moderation. She is now a good body weight having lost 2 ½ stones and has plenty of energy. She is now off insulin altogether from injecting up to 16 units daily. She takes milkthistle for her liver and a supplement for her bone health. Since this time Mary has sent many of her friends to see me and wants to help raise the profile of the benefits of good nutrition in any way she can.

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