batch cooking

Batch Cooking

batch cookingMake the best use of your precious cooking time bulk cooking

Make huge pots of soup with vegetables and beans – This is as good as having a main course meal. To stop beans from creating flatulence you can add a piece of seaweed e.g. wakame, arame, kelp, etc. It adds extra vitamins and minerals.

Lentils will also make a great pot of soup

Keep the calories lower with soups using tomatoes, celery, French beans, courgettes, mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, etc. This will make a very ‘light’ soup and can be eaten when hungry between meals.

Slow cooking – This is a great way to prepare meals in advance and they are ready to eat when you arrive home, really hungry (you can even make bean soups this way). You can add root vegetables instead of potato and then add even more veggies at the table. Root vegetables contain plenty of carbs if you are having a fairly lazy evening.

Making large batches of salad and a new variety every day so you can ring the changes and alternate your tastes. Make things like;

Rice Salads
Mixed Bean Salad – using canned beans as well as adding chopped French beans and/or endame beans
Mixed green leaves
Beetroot (raw) and orange
Butternut squash, walnut and feta with lots of leaves
Beetroot (cooked) with basil and feta
Coleslaw – mix green and red cabbage
Waldorf – Try optional nuts
Bulgar wheat – flavour with herbs and add additional vegetables
Carrot and raisin
Beetroot (cooked) with chopped walnut
Mixed green salad – green leaves including rocket, Chinese leaves, spinach, lambs lettuce, etc + cucumber + green pepper + spring onion + avocado
Use a mixture of gains and veggies that you like – salads can be partly cooked and mixed with raw or cook the grain and add vegetables

Whatever you make – make plenty of it!!

Making your own bean burgers and flavouring them with a variety of herbs and spices is great or try falafel and eat this with a big salad and a spicy dressing. YUMMY!!

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