Breakfast Cereals

cerealIf you are a cereal lover then do yourself a very big favour and check out just how much sugar is in the ingredient list.

Cereals such as granola which may be thought of as being a healthy option can contain horrendous amounts of simple sugars and fat and therefore be another food adding to weight gain.

If you like a museli style of cereal then make your own from jumbo oats, seeds and nuts and add a little dried fruit for sweetness or optionally just add some fresh fruit to each serving.

Another great start to the day is seedy fruit porridge – add a pear or some apple to oats and seeds. Then you know it had no added sugar. There are some cereals out there with as much as 28 grams of sugar per 100 grams and what makes the situation worse is that it is generally marketed for children.

Doesn’t give them a very good start to the day, does it?

And, as for breakfast biscuits – well don’t start me!!!!

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