Changes for Life



This is not a gimmicky diet plan

Changes for life is a life-changing weight loss programme which will inspire you to reach the healthy weight you want to be and stay there. It puts YOU in control of YOUR DIET – rather than food in charge of you.

‘Absolutely delighted with the results and feel this eating plan can be maintained as a real ‘change for life’, the handouts were really helpful and support online crucial, thank you Lorna!’

Hazel Smith

Changes for Life will give you:

      • Power over food addictions
      • Increased energy to enjoy each day
      • Glowing healthy skin
      • Freedom from the highs and lows caused by eating too much sugar and refined carbohydrates
      • No more continual bloating and digestive discomfort
      • Minimise any risk of future and long-term health problems

There are loads of weight loss plans out there but as they may be entirely different from your normal eating approach they can create extreme ways of eating – resulting in an all or nothing approach. Losing weight to then put it all back on will leave you feeling miserable and out of control. This plan is different. Changes for Life is designed to give you all the control you need.

‘Lorna’s advice came at exactly the right time and I instinctively knew her suggestions were right for me. This is not so much a diet as a ‘way of eating’, and so much more sustainable… what started as a few small changes has ended up making a huge difference to the way I eat, the way I feel about myself and of course my energy levels. Lots of good sense here.’

Cathy Gilligan

In  Changes for Life  there are no:

      • Dangerous diet pills
      • Banned nutrient rich foods such as nuts
      • Up-selling of food products
      • Gimmicks

In the Changes for Life programme you will find: There is no genuine quick fix but this course offers easy solutions which are sustainable for the long-term. With Changes for Life you will gain:

      • Insights to why you have been gaining weight
      • Tasty, easy to prepare recipes
      • Foods you love that have been banned from some diet plans
      • How to Optimise your fat burning potential
      • Simple to carry out Diet tips that really make a difference

‘After 15 years of yo-yo dieting and a heavy sugar addiction I have finally found a straightforward tasty solution to my weight. Lorna provides easy to understand info and excellent ideas for meals – even for a fussy vegetarian like me’

Elaine Henry-Hackman

We all have the potential to turn our weight (and health) around – you just need a good teacher to lead you on the way. A few simple changes to how you have previously looked at weight loss can make a huge difference – You just need guidance you onto the right path to transforming your body. I can provide this guidance, it is my special skill, it is what I do. I am a highly qualified Dietician & Nutritionist with over 30 years experience. In this time I have acquired a great depth of understanding into body chemistry and how to make our bodies run at their most efficient. This knowledge has enabled me to help very many people on their path to great health and weight loss. Fill yourself up with the wrong fuel and you are going to create huge problems for yourself. Fill up on the optimal fuel and everything will run smoothly and you will power along. I devised the Changes for Life programme to help you to help yourself. After all we all deserve the best for ourselves.



      1. The weight loss programme itself with approximately 100 A4 pages packed with interesting material that will give you an eating plan for life
      2. The weight loss tips eBook – ‘103 diet tips for life’ – previously retailing at £8.95
      3. Free access to the private facebook on-line weight loss group where daily you will be sent motivational tips/recipes and or further planning tips – For 3 whole months – A minimum of 90 gems of input.
      4. The opportunity, every Friday, to ask Lorna your questions about any aspect of weight loss – These will be answered over the course of the weekend.
      5. Your weight loss recorded and charted every Wednesday (at a time that suits you) – just send the result in over the secret Facebook page or by email if you would prefer it to be totally between you and I.
      6. Every Sunday night, via the Facebook private page, you will be talked through an aspect of the programme.

This programme contains the following information:

A shopping list Food diary template to record your weekly diet Help in Making Changes Loads of weight loss and healthy eating information A list of foods that help with fat burning Sample menus Sample easy to prepare recipes Lots of tips for eating out when on a diet The psychology of eating and how some foods affect our mood Exercise as part of a weight loss plan Loads of tips on optimising weight loss and successful weight loss How essential nutrients affect our weight Losing weight on a budget Nutrients and Supplements that may help with weight loss Sample Food Diary

Plus lots more… All this is available for a one time introductory price of only £29 Weight monitoring and feedback alone over 12 weeks being valued at £60 (£5 per week) £29 is a one time only January introductory offer as the course programme alone is worth well over £29 without the addition of all the extra material and online coaching. Weight monitoring and feedback alone over 12 weeks being valued at £60 (£5 per week)



Why not upgrade to the SILVER PACKAGE where you receive everything in the Bronze Package PLUS…

An hour long one-to one Coaching session at a time of your choosing either on phone or Skype Coaching sessions can be either carried out on SKYPE or by telephone – whichever you prefer. We will be working from your food diary that you will email before the consultation All this is available at the one time only price of £50 Weight monitoring and feedback alone over 12 weeks being valued at £60 (£5 per week) A coaching session is valued between £35 – £65





And for the ultimate package, I recommend the GOLD PACKAGE, everything in the Bronze Package PLUS… SIX, hour long, one – to – one Coaching sessions at a time that suits you over the period of the three months. We will be working from your food diary that you will email before the consultation. Coaching sessions can be carried out on SKYPE or by telephone – whichever you prefer. All this is available at the one time only price of £150 Each Nutritional coaching session alone has a value of between £35 – £65 Weight monitoring and feedback alone over 12 weeks being valued at a minimum of £60 (£5 per week) A GREAT ONE TIME SAVING .. GRAB IT WHILE YOU CAN

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