stir fry

Chinese Stir Fry

stir fryFor dinner tonight or some night soon why not have a chinese style stir-fry?

The garlic, ginger and shoyu sauce gives it an oriental taste – If you like hot, chilli is another great flavour to add.

Ensure you have some water chestnuts and or bamboo shoots in the store cupboard – when you’re next in a city get yourself along to an oriental food outlet.

There are some marvelous places in Glasgow.

Ensure you do not buy the additive laden soy sauce – shoyu and tamari are natural options.

Other veggies I like to stir-fry in an oriental mix are;
pak choi
peppers (any colour)
sugar snap peas
garden peas
sprouted beans or bean sprouts
+ garlic and grated ginger of course – you could cheat and buy the lazy varieties if in a hurry.

Ensure all the veggies you decide to use are thinly sliced or chopped as a huge chunk of raw broccoli may not be enjoyed if you have a weak digestion and/or don’t chew your food properly.

If you want to add protein, choices could be tofu or beans for a veggie option or chicken or prawns for the omnivores. I used some broad beans in my version.

If not trying to lose weight then add in rice or noodles – there are loads of options here and you could use wheat or rice or buckwheat (udon) noodles.

I use olive or rapeseed oil with a knob of coconut oil added to gently shallow fry my veggies adding the ingredients that take longest to cook first.

You can also marinade the tofu or chicken first for added flavour.

Some of the vegetables e.g. sweetcorn or peas could be from frozen as it is not always possible to have lots of different vegetables at hand.

Adding some fresh herbs such as coriander would also add some extra dimensions to the flavour.

This dish will have masses of colours and textures and will be packed with nutrition.


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