Daily Diet

Granola3Someone suggested I post up my daily diet just to give others some ideas for making a change. Probably not manage a day where I take all the pics but do sometimes have the time to remember to take a picture before I chomp into it!!

Here is a breakfast idea – It’s basically stewed rhubarb with grapes in a ‘sea’ of natural yoghurt and home made almond milk (though you can buy that or use another milk). I then added some chopped almonds which I soaked for 12 hours and they are now in my fridge.


The whole lot is topped off with buckwheat sprinkles – this is more tricky as you need to sprout the buckwheat and soak the seeds and then dehydrate the lot but an easy option would be to buy something like Lizi’s granola and sprinkle that on top with or without an added mix of linseed with gojiberries, sunflower & pumpkin seeds.




Try to stay away from the very fatty, very sugary granola’s as they are not so great and are loaded with calories.


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