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Day 5 of Raw Food Regime

raw vegetablesI’m now on 5 days of my raw food regime and have had 3 days of 100% and 2 of over 90%.

My pros and cons as a beginner are as follows:

1. You need to be really organised with shopping or have a garden full of fresh vegetables (unlikely at this time of year)

2. You need plenty of time to prepare some interesting food – in some ways this is more for snacks than main meals as crisps, biscuits, snack bars, sweets, crackers and cake are definitely off the menu. Plus eating nuts all the time would become boring!!

3. Equipment – if you want to go the full hog and have a juicer, blender, dehydrator, etc.

1. Feeling energised and generally ‘cleaner’ inside. This is only end of day 5 and I definitely feel better.

2. Getting excited at the idea of making new, interesting foods. At this time of year eating a plateful of interesting crunchy salads really appeals.

3. The fact that foods don’t need to be cooked and you can throw some salads together and take them to work with you or drop into M&S and buy some delicious little salad pots – mix and match them.

4. Loving the juices and smoothies – every one has been a winner so far..!

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