dementiaI was listening to a webinar on Dementia this evening – scary stuff! It was linking the increase in Dementia along with conditions like depression, heart disease and diabetes.

As these conditions are often appearing, almost as a syndrome and greatly on the increase, we are looking at a huge rise in dementia statistics unless we do something radical and call the food industry to task!

The ‘food like products’ found on the supermarket shelves – approx 80% of which contain added sugars are seriously damaging our health. In a recession when people are looking to save money offering cheaper products looks like we are being looked after!

I wish this was the case – but health has suffered and obesity is on the increase.

What to do? – EAT FOODS THAT CAN ONLY BE FOUND IN NATURE and leave the ‘food like products’ on the shelves where they can rot – Only, they are so full of additives and preservatives that they don’t……….

It has to be real to rot!!!

Eat live food – feel lively!!

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