‘Diet’ Food

caloriesI decided to pause at the frozen food ready meal section of the supermarket just to update myself with what is being offered as low calorie ‘diet’ meals.

These varied from 190 calories per serving to around 285 but I thought the portions were tiny if that was to be the whole meal and not padding it out with something else. I would love to know if anyone out there has ever eaten one of these and been fully satisfied?
I had a good look at all the ingredients and was shocked to find one of the meals had sugar as an ingredient (masked by another name) at least twice on the list of ingredients.

Dextrose came up often enough. I remember this being the ‘sugar’ given to diabetics to give their blood sugar a hike up when it had gone too low_Don’t think we should be eating this in our dinner.

If you were knocking up a quick savory meal would the sugar packet be nearby in case you wanted to add some?

One meal had approx 18 grams of protein to the 48 grams of carbohydrate.

When people need to lose weight it is better to keep the protein amount quite high and reduce the quantity of carbohydrate – but then again there would be no profit as protein is expensive!!

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