dog food

Dog Food

dog foodInteresting programme on channel 5 last night re Dog food.. same rules apply… what is marketed and on supermarket shelves is often dubious.

Meat and animal derivatives ? what does this mean?

A lot of unnecessary sugars in commercial animal foods, and colouring, preservatives, all kinds of rubbish that dogs dont actually need.

They just become additive and sugar junkies like us !! Lots of different opinions expressed, but overall it seems the most natural diet for dogs is akin to a wolf diet.. and that is meat, and its raw, not processed.

Dogs dont need all the cereal that composes most dog foods.. it just creates lots of unnecessary poo and odour !!

If you love your animals, same rules apply if you want to avoid illness. Dont be fooled by processed food, and make sure dried foods are free from colouring and additives.

If they state “chicken and rice “.. check the percentage of chicken ! it should be high.

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