E Consultation

Busy life?

Would you like your nutritional needs dealt with by an expert in the field?

Could an email consultation be the answer?

There is so much contradictory information within the media it’s not surprising how difficult it is to know what advice to take. We are bombarded by information often at odds with what our beliefs are – No wonder we are confused!

It is therefore a good idea to go to someone who has been trained in the science of foods, nutrition and understands physiology. I have no commercial interests in promoting one product over another! Continued professional development also means I keep up to date with the latest scientific research and results.

An e consultation is a simple way of having a consultation at a time that suits you :-

A questionnaire is sent to your mailbox which you fill in and e mail back at your leisure. You will also send a 5 page food/drinks diary or a typical food/drinks diary – a profile of your health, deficiencies, etc will be put together with a treatment plan which will include your new diet plan. We may also look at lifestyle issues. It would be extremely helpful if you could also attach a recent photograph.


Full Dietary analysis and menu plan     £58

Follow up consultation                            £35


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