Eating Pulses

pulsesA pulse, sometimes called a “grain legume”, is an annual leguminous crop yielding from one to twelve seeds of variable size, shape, and color within a pod. Pulses are used for food for humans and other animals.

Make the most of the great health benefits of eating pulses. Some of their good points are as follows:

1. They are a cheap form of protein

2. They release their energy slowly so don’t spike blood sugar levels.

3. They’re low in fat – so fairly low in calories

4. They’re full of fibre and keep blood cholesterol levels low

5. Easy to store they keep for a long time – dried or in tins

6. They are easy to sprout and make a ‘living’ food – so good for us.

7. They are full of magnesium a mineral often really low in british diets

8. They are cheap and there are tuns of different types from mung, aduki, barlotti, black eyed, navy, haricot, butter, etc,etc beans to red, brown, green, puy, etc lentils. Chick peas are another great pulse.

9. So versatile you can use them in soups, spreads, pates, dips, stews, salads (sprouted), burgers, patties, etc

10. They are full of inulin which helps our good bacteria to grow.
If you find them ‘farty’ then add a bit of seaweed when cooking and that’ll sort out the problem!!

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