fruit yoghurt

Fruit and ‘Live’ Yoghurt

fruit yoghurtFruit and ‘live’ yoghurt can make a delicious dessert – I like to flavour it with natural vanilla essence. Another rather more decadent option could be to flavour the yoghurt with cocoa and some 75% chocolate chips – you may need to add a tiny bit of agave syrup just to sweeten it a little.

Another dessert low in calories but delicious is my vanilla berry delight

Vanilla Berry Delight
Ingredients (serves 2)
80g berries
15g fructose
20g custard powder
Pure vanilla essence (to taste)
200ml plain organic soya milk

Place a few berries in bottom of glass and sprinkle a tiny bit of fructose on top. Make custard by heating gently some soya milk some of which you have mixed with the custard powder. Add sugar (to taste) to the milk. When nearly boiling add custard to the hot milk and stir – it should thicken well. Add few drops vanilla to taste. Pour over the berries and add more berries to the top with a little more fructose.
Note – to further reduce calories add double the fruit and half the amount of custard

106 cals per serving

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