Great Foods for Exercise & Travel

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Great foods for Home and Travelling



If you are out on a hike, camping or just out for a day’s walking or hill climbing you may find some of these foods really helpful to take along with you

Manuka Honey

Look out for Manuka honey with an ‘active rating’ of 10+ or more.

This is a rating applied by the University of Waikato and refers to the

Honey’s Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) which rates its level of antibacterial properties.

Some of manuka’s healing properties are listed below:-


1. It is highly effective against antibiotic resistant ‘super bugs’.

2. The manuka antibacterial component maintains its potency even when     diluted 50x as will happen when used in or on the body.

3.Halts growth of Streptococcus pyrogens the bacteria that causes sore


4. Halts growth of Helicobactor Pylori.

It has been used in the treatment for burns, topical ulcers, diabetic ulcers, bedsores.

An example of its use was in treating a group of post-operative patients with infections who had undergone caesarians or hysterectomies.

26 – treated with 15+ honey

24 – treated with alcohol and iodine

The honey group were infection free in 6 days and 84% had cleanly healed wounds.

The antiseptic group were not infection free until day 15 and only 50% of wounds healed cleanly.


Concentrated Fruit Spread

This is a type of ‘jam’ which is 100% concentrated fruit with nothing added.

As such it has a high G.I. but on the good side it is a purely unadulterated food and works well added to porridge (if one likes it sweet), as a sugar hit if blood sugar is at an all-time low, or add a little to hot water to make a warm fruity drink.

Organic Jumbo Oats

Oats supply an easy, low G.I. breakfast and are highly nutritious and travel easily. Add nuts and /or seeds to make your own museli

Soya or Oat ‘Cream’

These alternatives to cream can easily be transported and are great on porridge to make a more sustaining breakfast.

Organic Sprouted Wheat Bread

This loaf is made of 100% sprouted wheat and has none of the problems associated with eating wheat. In it’s sprouted form the wheat becomes very digestible and highly nutritious. It also has a long shelf life.

Organic Amaranth & Quinoa Rye Bread

Another easy transported wheat-free high energy product. Great with nut or seed butters.

Essene Bread

A sprouted spelt bread which is very nutritious.

Organic Mixed Seed Butter

A mix of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flaxseeds and hempseeds this highly nutritious product is crammed full of essential minerals e.g. zinc, calcium. It is also a great source of our E.F.A.’s

Sunflower “Butter” and Tahini

If you have a passion for any particular seed or nut there will be a ‘butter’ made from it. Sesame ‘butter’ (Tahini) is a great alternative source of calcium as an option to dairy foods.

 Marigold ‘Bouillon’

A concentrated stock which can be used either as a nutritious, warming drink or to flavor meals.


A great source of vegetable protein and there are lots of different varieties- use a variety of herbs and spices to spice it up.

Natural Organic Nut Assortment

A good source of energy – by unsalted nuts and soak, them roast them and spice them up in any way you like.

Tinned Fish

Tins of oily fish e.g. sardines, mackerel are easily transported and supply lots of omega 3. Oily fish is great for treating depression, whilst anti-inflammatory and good for brain, eyes and skin.


High in Vitamin E necessary for sexual health and an important antioxidant Avocado is great spread on specialty breads or oatcakes. Spice it up with a little chilli if you like.

Beans & Beansprouts

Beans can be easily hydrated and are an easy meal ‘on the hoof’. Packed with protein and ‘resistant starch’ it is great for sustaining one on a hike. They can erasily be made into pates  dips and casseroles.An original high vitality food the beans take up very little space and can be sprouted quite quickly when it is warm and sunny. A great source of phytoestrogens and are also full of B vitamins e.g. mung, aduki.

Unsulphured Dried Apricots

A tastier option to the bright orange apricots normally seen- they can be eaten as a snack or boiled & soaked and added to porridge. They supply lots of beta carotene an important anti-oxidant. They also have a lower G.I. than most other dried fruits.

 ‘Bounce’ Spirulina Ginseng ball

A very healthy snack with no added sugar. You could also try making your own health bars from oats, dried fruit, nuts and seeds

Granovita Organic Flapjack

An oat and seed bar that contains some sprouted linseeds which add some vital omega 3 to the product.

 85% Green & Black Organic Chocolate

If you are flagging during a hike a little of this will give you the ‘oomph’ to keep going a little longer. Not to be taken by those with caffeine sensitivity and preferably not eaten in the evening in case it keeps you awake.

 Nuts & Seeds

Eaten as a mixed bag or soaked. Soaked almonds gain an extra vitamin called B17 which is thought to be cancer preventative. They can also be liquidized to make a ‘milk’ which would be good for soaking museli or having with another cereal.


This is the original ‘green food’ with nearly the same chemical configuration as blood. Except iron has been changed out for magnesium – it is plant ‘blood’.


A ‘travelers’ essential it keeps our bowel flora in good condition whilst warding off unhealthy bacteria.


It’s always great to have a small packet of oatcakes as an easy energy option. Buy them plain or try some of the flavoured ones such as  herb, chilli, black pepper or cheese.


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