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Health Bars

health barThese 5 packs of food can make the most delicious health bars. Made a batch a few days ago and they are a winner!!

1. 75% dark chocolate – 100 gram bar

2. Desiccated coconut -small bag or 1/2 large pack

3. Mixed seed packet

4. 300 – 400 gram dried cranberry and sour cherry mix

5. Jumbo oats


A. Firstly put the dried fruit mix in a pan, cover with water, slowly bring to boil and simmer 1-2 mins. Take off heat and leave overnight to hydrate – the water will all have been taken up by the fruit. Watch not to add too much water in the beginning – fruit should barely be covered.

B. In a food processor grind the seed mix a little – If you want the seeds to be invisible you can grind them completely (and feed them to the kids!!). You could also fully grind the oats. I like the texture so I only ground my seeds a bit.

C. Toast the desiccated coconut – I do this in a heavyweight frying pan over my gas burner. Once it starts to brown (stir all the time) reduce heat and keep stirring madly as they can catch and go too far – burnt coconut is not nice. Leave this mixture to cool completely before using

D. Puree the fruit and add the seeds, and coconut. Then add jumbo oats until you get a mixture that you could easily roll into shapes and it would keep the shape i.e. it is fairly stiff. I placed my mix into an oblong cake time lined with grease proof and leveled off the mix till 1/2 inch deep.

E. Melt the dark chocolate and coat top of the mix with it.

F. Cut into bars when the chocolate has set.

Note – As these bars are fairly moist they will not keep long in room temperature so freeze individually or in batches and take out as needed. Also it stops you eating too much at once!! These are full of slow release carbohydrates, protein and essential fats from the seeds but do have a fairly high calorific value and therefore are wonderful snack food for growing energetic kids and adults needing a healthy between meal option.

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