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How Good is Your Food?

good foodA new year and many of us have been working on becoming healthier.. My advice, if you are serious about taking care of your health is to check labels on foods.

Low fat does not always mean less calories, low calorie may mean that we are eating food additives that are not good for us.

Aspartame, the no-calorie sweetener has been linked with many health problems. The easy option is to eat more foods that are clearly additive free. Ask questions such as – should a fatty food such as mayonnaise be ‘light’. What is ‘low fat’ cheese? Do ‘low fat’ biscuits actually contain less calories?

Buying meat and fish from the supermarkets may also mean that you are not buying the best quality. Also, on the environmental side, a lot of supermarket foods have added on vast miles of transport e.g. steak from Argentina. Try to have a few meat free meals per week – you can have a huge variety of fantastic dishes from nut roasts to vegetable bakes and delicious stir fries.
We are so lucky in Dumfries and Galloway to be able to access good, natural foods from local producers. We have Kilnford and Loch Arthur with great food and cafes. Lots of great smoke houses. Fabulous breads and baked goods e.g. wigwam, earth’s crust. People travel to get good quality meat such as we have within this region. Try some quality local produce from the farmers markets – the more we buy the better prices can become – so support our local food businesses!

I know it takes time to check labels but spend a little extra time checking what you are buying – the more ingredients you either don’t understand or have never heard of before, the less likely it is to be good for us. You look after yourself and your family; the food industry will look after itself!

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