food industry

Irresponsible Food Industry

food industryWe keep being bombarded by the fact we have an obesity crises in the UK!

Well, thanks to an irresponsible food industry we have loads of health problems – increase in cancers, heart disease, huge incidence of Type 2 Diabetes stats.

Thanks for that FOOD INDUSTRY!!!!

The government isn’t doing enough either.

They could ban some of the supermarket marketing ploys like buy 3 and one is free – who the hell needs 3 of everything just to get a good price? Just cut back on prices instead….

My pet hate is Christmas time when they crate out TONS of QUALITY STREET – Great big tins of the stuff – liquid sugar in a myriad of forms and at a bargain price very few can resist.

They appear in the workplace – schools, canteens, offices, homes, garages, shops – they are everywhere – even the giant ones are appearing dressed in purple and greenwrappers !! They are everyone’s favourite and these giant ones are obviously morbidly obese…

So, do yourself a favour and when entering a supermarket look straight ahead at the vegetable isle – don’t let them get to you…………..!!!

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