migraineMigraines are one of the many health issues I am regularly treating and I have made the following observations-

1. They are often associated with blood sugar problems due to types of foods eaten and also lack of the blood sugar stabilizing nutrients e.g. chromium, vitamin B3, zinc, etc

2. That migraine results from an allergy/intolerance to particular food groups. This can be subdivided into –
A…Foods that may become toxic with accumulated ingestion.
B Foodstuffs containing Tyramine – a well documented migraine trigger e.g. cheese, red wine and chocolate

3. Eating foods/supplementing to balance our hormone levels – large dips in hormone levels being associated with migraine.

4. Often stress is an underpinning factor and minimising this through diet and techniques brings favourable results.

Testing to see what are the problem areas can be very effective.

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