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Raw Food Day

fruitGive up a day next week solely for a raw food day.

Though It’s truly just vegan you could allow yourself a little milk – though an optional one such as oatly or a nut milk would be better. You could also allow a little bit of natural live plain yoghurt – preferably goats or soy.

Typical ideas could be museli, fruit and /or yoghurt at breakfast and great big salads for main meals – add nuts and avocado if you like it.make your own waldorf and coleslaw salads. buy or make interesting dressings.

If you have time make or buy beans, peas,lentils and sprout them to make your own dips, pastes and pates. See earlier post on raw hummus dip. You can even source raw chocolate! If you have a juicer or smoothie maker that would be the day to bang these out!


raw food


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