Allergy & Intolerance Testing

Nowadays, many people are becoming intolerant to foods they are eating on a daily basis. In many cases this is seriously undermining their health and can ultimately lead to problems such as fatigue, I.B.S., headaches, constipation, rashes etc. It has been quoted that ‘Britain is in the grip of an epidemic of allergic disease’ and that up to 7% of children have a food allergy whilst one in three of the population suffer from an allergic disease at some point in their life.’

Lorna attempts to identify allergies and intolerances by means of Vega testing but can also arrange for blood tests via York laboratories (contact her for prices). Results are all corroborated against symptoms and she now has nearly 20 years of experience. The test is safe and easily carried out – the client holds a metal rod whilst the other hand is touched using an instrument resembling a pen. The acupressure energy is measured and compared whilst a variety of samples are placed into the Vega testing machine e.g. wheat, yeast, eggs, cow milk, soya etc. The benefits of Vega testing are:-

It’s painless

Results are available on the day

Significantly cheaper than other tests

Records food intolerances or any food problems as well as allergies


By removing certain foods from the diet and substituting others you may experience an improved sense of wellbeing and restored energy levels.

Some allergens cannot be removed from the diet as they are environmental and the body’s reaction to these could be damped down by homeopathic desensitisation. This method of treatment is provided through The British Institute for Allergy and Environmental Therapy.

Lorna’s expert guidance will explain about food intolerances and how these come about, when a food could safely be reintroduced, how to maximize one’s health and minimize the likelihood of further food intolerances.


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    1. Not sure who would be nearby but there are loads of Nutritional Therapists in London. If you go onto the Vega Testing website they may be able to direct you to a local therapist.

  1. I am interested in being tested for intolerances and was wondering how much it costs, where it takes place and how long it takes?



  2. Lorna,I spoke with you to arrange an allergy test.
    I have had blood taken today for testing the results will not be back until next Thursday which is the date i booked with you. would it be better to make an appointment a little later as you wanted me to bring the results with me.?
    I have not received an email from you as yet.

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