Candida Testing

Candiasis is an overgrowth of the common yeast candida albicans. Normally this yeast lives harmlessly within ones gastrointestinal tract, however growth can become out of control leading to a host of symptoms e.g. thrush, bloating, anal itching. It can also affect other systems e.g.

Nervous System – depression, poor concentration

Immune System – frequent colds/infections, allergies, chemical sensitivities

Urinary System – cystitis


Generally, this can create an overall loss of energy and ‘feel good factor’.

One is more likely to suffer this condition if they fit into the following profile:-

Female ( 14 – 50 years)

Birth Control Pill user

Repeated pregnancies

History of thrush, cystitis

Treated with antibiotics for acne

General frequent antibiotic use

Steroid user


The yeast acts like a parasite within our system and we may have a tendency to desire sweet foods and/or refined carbohydrate in order that it survive and proliferate.

Treatment involves dietary changes including giving a good broad-spectrum probiotic to recolonise the intestines. The use of many foods which are naturally anti-fungal is also part of the treatment plan possibly along with the addition of supplemental anti-fungal agents and/or a homoeopathic remedy if the condition is chronic.


The testing and treatment plan will take approximately one hour (or longer) and costs £38


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  1. Hi Lorna
    I’m sure I have a candida overgrowth. I get severe rectal itching particularly after sweet food,pastries , fried food and fruit especially berries and bananas. I have had it for baout years and I can help it by modifying my diet it always comes back when it start eating normally .
    Please advice

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