Clinics & Fees

I currently consult from two clinics within South West Scotland

The Tower
Parton Estate
Castle Douglas DG7 3NB

Tel:01644 470218

Dumfries Holistic Health Centre
30 Galloway Street
Dumfries DG2 7TN
Tel: 01387 267617

Mobile 07703303805



The Consultation

The first consultation lasts a minimum of 1½ hours. From previously filling in my 5 page questionnaire, you will be asked to supply information on a number of aspects of your health e.g. current diet, lifestyle, presenting symptoms, childhood ailments, parents health problems, medication and/or supplements taken, etc. From this information and more it is then possible to predict probable deficiencies and preventable health issues. A nutritional programme will then be ‘tailor made’ to optimise your health. There is not a ‘diet for all,’ each client has their own needs, likes and dislikes, working hours, cooking abilities, etc. My aim is to help inspire the individual that good health is within their reach and to produce a plan that inspires each client and is entirely ‘do-able’.

Follow-up Consultations

Typically, this will be around 4 weeks after the initial consultation. This gives the client enough time to implement changes and begin to feel the result. The time frame is not too long, in that they can continue to feel supported throughout the process. I am also available to clients for answering any questions that may come up during a course of treatment. People all have different needs and I am here to support this and give as much help as is required.


Some clients may be put on a supplementation regime along with their dietary changes. Supplementation is not an alternative to a good diet, however in the short-term it can address deficiencies whilst the diet is is being improved. They may also help to give a client the extra energy they need to make changes easily. Adding superfoods is a great way of improving vitality and I will endeavor to add these rather than supplying nutrients via tablets. There will be an extra charge for any supplements needed.


There are a number of functional tests that can be undertaken if the client desires this extra service. These may be undertaken to verify a condition or check improvement of a condition through nutritional management. No test will be carried out without a full explanation to the client of what this entails.


Initial Consultation  £58 (2 hours in total )

Follow up                £35 (1 hour)

Weight Management    £40

E – Consultations  via Skype are also available at the same rates



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  1. Hi there. I got your name from Sandra Farrell whom I have seen in the past. I am looking for help to get rid of the stubborn fat around my stomach and thighs. I have made quite a few changes to my diet and despite this and exercising a lot, my weight loss and come to a complete halt. I live in Stewarton in East Ayrshire, so an e-consultation might be the way to go.
    Look forward to hearing from you.


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