Corporate Services

Nutrition in the Workplace

Programs are available for implementation to the workforce of companies and organisations in both the public and private sector.

Lorna works either on her own providing the following services

  • ½ day Nutrition Seminar
  • Full day Nutrition Seminar
  • 1 hour introductory talk followed by individual sessions (usually 30min but negotiable)


The nutrition seminars could cover some of the following topics:-

  • How to eat to maintain energy and concentration all day long.
  • Why we need to drink water – what are the health benefits?
  • Eating fats – the good, the bad and the ugly!
  • Healthy eating for busy people
  • Sustainable weight loss – no more yoyo dieting
  • How to minimise your risk of coughs and colds


She also works alongside Heather Bestel ( who specialises in Stress management. In their work together they provide a comprehensive range of customised programs in the form of seminars, group sessions and one to one consultations.

Whatever your budget or size of your business everyone benefits from improved health. The benefits of improved nutrition in the workplace are easily recognisable with significant improvements to productivity and reduced stress and accepted benefits accruing to the client may present as follows;

Reduced Absenteeism due to preventable illness.
Longer term retention of staff.
Improved energy, concentration, attitude and creativity.
Tackling weight issues that undermine self confidence.
A general happy environment where staff feel cared for.

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