Special Services

Below is a fairly comprehensive list of additional services available. These Services could be used by yourself or given to friends or family as a present.

Telephone Consultation

For people who want to talk to me but neither have the time nor ability to come to one of my clinics a telephone consultation be an answer. Though it is preferable to see a client face-to -face this is not always possible. I would then be available to answer clients very specific personal queries and questions.

Optionally this may be a satisfactory way to have a follow-up consultation when time is limited and you have already visited one of my clinics.

Supermarket Buddy

Visiting the supermarket can be a chore at the best of times but when you are trying to make dietary changes and don’t know what are the best foods, what ingredients are in particular foods, where to find them, etc the whole process can be a bit much! It also can take a few hours if you have no clear plan! Maybe you are just in a rut, bored with your menu and want to introduce new foods. Lorna is available to join you at your regular supermarket and guide you to all the places where you can ultimately decide what to put into your trolley – There will be no bullying!

Home Visit

Can you handle Lorna coming into your home and going through the fridge and cupboards to point out all the bad shopping habits? This is not for the faint hearted! You and your family may have developed poor shopping habits which may be seriously undermining health. You can either combine this with a supermarket shop or just be left with your personalised healthy shopping list.

Cookery Demonstration

This can be combined with one or both of the above services. You may not be a great cook but want to learn a few techniques for creating easy, healthy dishes. If you have older members within the family they may also want to learn a few ideas before they go to set up their own homes. Husbands may also want to take their turn (or wives) depending on who is the main cook. A booklet of recipes will be left for you to work through.

The Full Package

At a reduced price you can hire Lorna for the day. She will take you through the three above packages – after that there can be no excuses! Note – any of the above packages can be mixed or matched as desired.

Presentations / Talks / Discussion Groups

Whether for a club, a school, a women’s group, the workplace etc a talk can be tailor made for the audience. Participation is always helpful and tasks may be set to inspire new ideas from the group so that passive listening is not the only method of learning. Taking part within the group environment makes for a better learning experience


Prices start from £30 per hour, please contact Lorna for further information

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