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So What’s Wrong with Most Diet Plans?

diet planSo what’s wrong with the majority of diet plans?

Well – they are a plan that’s separate and different from what people normally do.

They follow the plan but don’t change or examine what’s going wrong with their diet normally.

When they return to the old ways of eating they often just pile on the pounds again!!

What a shame and after all that good work – it’s not fair and breaks my heart on their behalf!

I am amazed that people can do things like ‘lighter life’ and ‘herbalife’ where they are drinking rather than eating much and may be on really low calorie intakes.

That takes huge amounts of willpower so why not just eat well – small portions of wholesome foods?

Three things we definitely need to do to lose weight effectively and healthily are:

1. Eat wholesome foods packed with nutrients
2. Give up ‘junky’ non-nutritious foods
3. Take some exercise

There are lots of other good pointers. In my ‘Changes for Life’ weight loss plan there is only one diet – you just eat more or less of it.

Analyzing diet diaries also helps me point out where things are going wrong!

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