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Sourcing Good Meat

good foodIf you eat meat then try to find a really good source. If you live locally we can buy great meat products from Kilnford, Loch Arthur or our local butcher.

Lamb is great to buy as it’s young when slaughtered and free ranges on grass. Technically it should have had a good (though short!) life. Most beef products and certainly those from supermarkets are grain reared and intensively farmed. Safest to buy chicken from the local butcher than going for the supermarket option.

I’ve moved across to guinea fowl or pheasant so it’s less intensively farmed – game generally has a better omega 3 fat profile.

Buy your eggs organic or from the local farm if there is one. Also try to have some meat free days where you eat pulses, beans and nuts. They’re really cheap, very versatile and low in fat. Another option would be to make a quiche.

You can make your own wholemeal base and even add nuts to the flour for additional minerals. Then fill with organic eggs, quality non coloured cheddar or goats cheese and plenty of veggies such as caramalised red onions, broccoli, sweetcorn, etc.

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