Suffering From Cystitis?

cranberriesIf you are a cystitis sufferer then it is currently thought that the best action to take is taking probiotics whilst drink plenty of water.

Cranberry tablets can also be helpful – many people take cranberry juice but it can contain quite a lot of sugar and that isn’t helpful for infections.

There is a remedy by Dr Vogel called uva ursi which can be helpful in some cases. It’s active ingredient arbutin is absorbed into the blood and excreted via the kidneys into the urine.

Once in the urine it splits into glucose and hydroquinone which has an antiseptic effect on ureters and bladder. This conversion is encouraged if the urine is alkaline.

Acid forming foods and drinks such as such as tea, coffee, alcohol, sugar, meat, spicy foods and undiluted citrus juices should also be avoided.

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